How HELPS can change your life

  1. You no longer need to use your protected income to pay old debts you can’t afford to pay.
  2. Your income is now available for food, shelter and medicine.
  3. You are represented by an attorney so collectors can no longer call or send letters in the mail anymore.
  4. HELPS nonprofit law firm receives collector communication on an ongoing basis, years into the future.
  5. If you are ever scared, worried or have questions you can always call us.  We don’t want you to  worry about these matters ever.
  6. HELPS assists with old tax and student loan debt.
  7. The most common thing we hear at HELPS from our clients is that “peace came back to my life.”
  8. HELPS educates seniors how they can maintain their financial independence.
  9. Click here for a list of other things HELPS does to help our clients.

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