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Tremendous Benefits

"In the respect that you don't have to pay those bills, you can take that money and get the medicines that you need and stay healthier...have heat...and stay in your house. It really does have a tremendous benefit."

– Margaret B. HELPS' client.

No More Stress

"The constant harassment and...the nasty people that are on the other end of that phone are eliminated completely. No more stress. I can't press that enough...it's all taken care of."

– Ron B., HELPS' client.

Helps, a nonprofit law firm offers legal relief from debt for seniors and disabled without bankruptcy

What does HELPS cost?

HELPS never turns anyone away for inability to pay. Protection from HELPS is often 50 cents or less per day. We have a guideline which can be adjusted to individual circumstances.

Testimonials from HELPS clients

Would you like to read articles in senior newspapers and other publication about or by HELPS?

How do I enroll?

Simply call HELPS on the phone. It takes about ten minutes. We ask you basic questions like your name address and contact information. Your source of income. Approximate amount of debt you owe.

Learn about how HELPS was founded


Helps Nonprofit Law Firm is legal representation retained specifically to stop creditors from harassing our clients by phone or mail.   HELPS is a 501(c)(3) law firm that represents seniors, retired and disabled persons in all 50 states in order to receive communications from collectors with respect to debt as described by the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  HELPS does not represent persons in court or provide legal advice. HELPS educates senior citizens and disabled persons about their legal rights and how exercise them.  If any of our clients need a local attorney where they live we will assist the client in obtaining an attorney willing to help them on a pro bono basis. HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm never turns down a qualified seniors in need. Click “here” to learn more about how HELPS was founded.


Don't let debt worries destroy your life. Enroll in HELPS by calling 855-GET-HELPS/855-435-7787

Enrolling with HELPS means ongoing legal representation for purposes of communicating with collectors. No more harassing phone calls and letters. Our attorneys and staff are here to help. Call 855-GET-HELPS/855-435-7787 with any questions or concerns.